The Formula for Effective Dancer Training

Hey Hey! I’m going to keep this short because if you’re like me, you’re reading this while sipping some coffee or waiting in line for one and you don’t have all day!
I’m on week three of virtual bootcamps / conditioning classes and I’m working with a number of teams with all different goals, ability levels etc.  so every workout I create is custom BUT I’m also a mom and trying not to spend a million hours in front of the computer reinventing the wheel.


With all that in mind, I’ve created and tested this formula to create custom workouts for each team, keeping them fresh and exciting but also effective and impactful.


I thought that sharing this formula could help you consistently add  strength training to your classes without feeling overwhelmed with figuring out how, where and what type of exercises you should include.


Step 1: Dynamic Warm up (Repeat 2 times)
  •     Perform Two standing lower body exercises
  •     One Core exercise
  •     One upper body exercise or an exercise that combines both upper and core like a plank
  •     Do each for 30 – 60 seconds
Step 2: Stretch with a focus on low back, hips and glutes


Step 3: Glute Focus (Repeat 2 times)
  •    2 exercises that target the glutes like hip bridge, clam shells or squats
  • 20 of each
Step 4: Core Focus (One time)
  •    Perform two core exercises
  •    30 – 40 seconds each one
Step 5: Circuits (Repeat 2 – 3 times)
  • Choose 3 lower body exercises, one being a cardio focus
  • Choose 3 Upper body / core exercises, one being a cardio focus
  • Do each for 40 seconds, rest for 20 
Step 6: Cool Down
  • Pick one to two core exercises to finish with
  • Do each for 30 – 60 seconds



Are your dancers still training at home? Make the most of it with this simple guide for safe and effective conditioning at home.

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