Three Moves to Fix Sloppy Skills and Timing Issues

What do you think sloppy skills and timing issues have in common?
Yes, they’re both the reason you need a Venti coffee at practice.
However, they’re also issues our dancers run into because they’re lacking core strength.


When your dancers have a weak core they struggle to:


  • Move quickly and sharply
  • Move their body in one piece
  • Control their arms and legs
The core is your dancer’s home base, their foundation and when this isn’t activated correctly, it’s very hard to control and manipulate your body.


Below are my three go to core exercises for dancers of all levels.
  • Use them as a dynamic warm up
  • Use them as you prepare for your skills
  • Use them after you run your routine to encourage core engagement even when fatigued.


P.S I borrowed these from week one of Summer Dance Simplified (Registration closes in 3 days!) because I had to make sure you start your summer conditioning with the most powerful and effective exercises for dancers.


core exercises for dancers
core exercises for dancers


conditioning for dancers

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