We asked about your 2024 goals and you said…


Summer is almost here and you may be wondering how to structure your summer workouts to help you get closer to your goals.


Whether you’re a dancer, coach or dance parent you can use this three phase system to address the weaknesses and imbalances keeping your dancer from reaching their goals.


Before diving into your training take a  moment to reflect on the past year and come up with 2 -3 measurable goals.


Using feedback from judges or teachers decide on goals you can measure. For example:


🛑 Turn better …..  ✅Get my triple pirouette on the right

🛑 Improve my jumps….. ✅Have a straight leg on my fire bird

🛑 Not get so tired ….. ✅ Stay in relevé when turning at the end of my routine.

🛑 Get stronger ….. ✅Follow a strength workout 3 days a week


Create goals that you can measure the progress of by taking photos or videos.


Also , make sure they are goals you can control.


As much as you improve, you still can’t be in the brain of your judges controlling your scores, or which team you make so try to avoid goals where your control is lost.

Now that you have your goals , let’s break down the training phases.



🧠 Phase 1 (4 weeks ) 


3 -4 days of training with the goal being mind muscles awareness for reaching goals. Every skill requires a strong core, strong hips, back and legs so working out consistently to understand those muscles and how to engage them is vital.

  • Day 1: Arms, core and mobility
  • Day 2: Glutes and hamstrings
  • Day 3: Back / shoulders and core
  • Day 4: Glutes, quads and hips
  • Each day has 4 -6 exercises.

🔥 Phase 2 (4 weeks )


  • Exercises stay the same BUT now you add a small section of technique after each training day.
    • This may look like doing your back day and then practicing your turns
    • It could also look like doing your glute and quad day and working on turning on a straight leg or practicing your jump height
  • The goal is to start connecting your new mind, muscle awareness to your skills.
  • Each week you’re going to increase the weight you’re using, the band resistance you’re using, the number of reps you’re performing or if you’re doing circuits increasing the time of your workouts (30 seconds increases to 35 seconds)
  • This is called progressive overload and it’s the secreat to building strength and endurance



😰 Phase 3 (4 weeks )

  • The goal in this phase is to build muscle endurance and cardiovascular endurance to improve technique and the level of performance from beginning to the end.
  • We’re going to do this one of two ways:
    1. Keep your workout exactly as is but make it into a circuit. Do each exercise for 30 -40 seconds, rest for 20 seconds and repeat 2 times.
    2. Create a new workout plan but make half of your exercises cardio based  (jump squats, mountain climber, walking push up). So for each day of training, you’ll have 4 – 6 exercises and half of those will be chosen to get your heart rate up.


  • Keep the technique portion of your training because NOW you’re really testing the ability to have clean skills at the beginning and end of your routines.

Once you have your goals and you’re ready to train plug in some of your favorite exercises and get to work.


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Happy Training!

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