What You Need to Know About a Fitness Resource for Your Dancers

Have you been on the fence about a fitness resource and routine for your dancer and wondering about a few things? I get so many dance educators emailing me or popping into my messages asking really great questions about dancer-fitness.com and I thought if they’re wondering, you may be too!


Here are some of the most popular FAQs I’ve been getting recently.


 What are the benefits of adding these exercises to my classes?
The feedback we’ve received so far is showing less injuries, cleaner routines, less time cleaning routines, more consistent skills, more endurance and some teams are scoring higher than they ever have before!
What level are your exercises?All levels!! You can search for beginner, intermediate or advanced on the top of the exercise page along with specific muscle groups. In the descriptions of each exercise, there may be a + to make it harder, or – to make it easier.

What equipment is needed for the exercises?

About 90% of the exercises are equipment free! We want this to be convenient for you in studios and with your team. Body weight is super effective and helps dancers become more connected with their bodies. You can sub a bosu ball for a towel or a folded up mat to add some instability. You can purchase bands here and cut them in strips, then tie them off! Other recommendations I have for equipment you can find in Essential Tools for Training Dancers.

How often do you add new content?

Every week! You can always expect new exercises and new training plans!

I don’t know anything about fitness, how can I make this work with my dancers?

No need to be a fitness expert! Simply pull up the training plans on any device and watch them in class or watch the videos and read the descriptions to learn exactly how to do an exercise, for how long, and how to make it harder or easier for your dancers.

What if I want to cancel?

You may cancel your membership at any time. Cancellation of your monthly membership will be effective the next billing cycle. Cancellation in the first 30 days of your annual membership will result in a full refund. Cancellation after 30 days will result in a prorated refund. All you have to do is email katie@dancer-fitness.com and we’ll get that done right away.

Can I send custom training plans to my dancers?

Absolutely! When you’re logged in, click on “My Collections” and then “Create a new plan.” From there, you can browse the exercise database and select “Add to plan” under the video.

If this blog answered your question and you’re wondering what’s next about finding a fitness resource? I encourage you to get signed up for a 7 day trial at dancer-fitness.com to see what it’s all about and if it’s a good fit for your dancers.

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